RORY FRASER // Fraser Documentary & Archival Projects

Dr. Herbert Kayden - Manhattan, NYC 2012


Fraser Documentary & Archival Projects is a company that works with clients to produce works of documentary film, photography, and printed media. We also work with clients to archive and preserve this work or pre-existing material either privately, or within museums, archives, and other institutions. FDAP assists with archiving through Google Cloud Platform, and utilizes best practices for motion picture archiving as outlined by Google and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

We are interested in working with clients who want to produce work of lasting value. People and groups who want to tell stories or illuminate issues or information that they find to be unique; preserve oral, institutional, and family histories; archive photographs and other documents; and generally produce work that may have historical or personal significance for years to come.

A common experience among all documentary filmmakers is having friends, family, and other well-meaning folks say to them, “Someone should do a documentary on....” Often, the idea is a great one. What many non-filmmakers don’t realize is that they are perhaps the best person suited to get such a project going. FDAP seeks to partner with people and groups who have the vision and ability to start these projects, working within their budget to create documentary and archival works of lasting value to families, communities, companies, and also work that may find more widespread distribution.


- Documentary film production
- Digital & Analog Photography
- Scanning and Transfer of photographs, photographic negatives, all video formats (VHS, MiniDV, etc) 8mm and 16mm motion picture film.
- Document scanning and archiving
- Color correction and retouching for all digital and analog photographic and video formats
- High quality photographic printing
- Book design and printing


Cooper - San Francisco. Samsung Corp. US Field Research Documentary Project
The Tech Museum, San Jose, CA - Social Robotics Exhibit (video content)
Stanford University Cantor Museum, Stanford, CA - Dr. Herbert Kayden Recordings
Williamson County, TN Public Libary - Thelma Battle Oral History Project
Caldwell Family, Lookout Mountain, TN - Oral History Recordings
Nielsen Family, Birmingham, AL - Oral History Recordings